Marble Arch Tube Station
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Annabel Grey


Underground Station-Marble Arch, London, U.K

This project was awarded to Annabel as part of a ten year renovation programme undertaken by London Regional Transport in the 1980's when several artists were commissioned to provide artwork for individual stations. The brief was to base the panels on Marble Arch.

Marble Arch Underground Station
Central Line, London. Vitreous enamel

Marble Arch consists of 17 different murals. Each mural is 12 ft x 10ft and is made up of 9 panels of vitreous enamel on steel sheets.
Annabel spent 22 months working in a sign factory in South London. Each colour was hand sprayed by her, etched when dry and then fired before adding the next colour and repeating the process.
Each panel required at least 10 separate firings.