Annabel Grey
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Finsbury Park Underground Station
Piccadilly Line, London. Glass Mosaic

This project was awarded to Annabel in the early 1980's as part of a ten year renovation programme undertaken by London Regional Transport in which several artists were commissioned to provide artwork for individual stations.
The brief was to create an identity for this station so Annabel came up with the idea of hot air balloons to give you a feeling of elevation as it is a very deep tunnel.
Finsbury Park, with the theme of hot air balloons, is a glass mosaic made of 2cm x 2cm square tiles. There are 6 panels on each platform which are between 10 and 14 ft wide by about 25ft. They start on the track side and roll over the tunnel and end in pillasters either side of the cross passages between the lines.

Marble Arch Tube Station
Finsbury Park Tube Station